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Which kinds of motors are commonly used in new energy vehicles? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
As the power source of new-energy vehicles, the quality of electric motor determines how far the new-energy vehicles can go. In addition, the development of electric vehicles in recent years is like the situation of "starting a prairie fire", the importance of electric motors is self-evident. At present, new energy vehicles on the market are mainly used by two types of motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor and AC asynchronous motor.
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What are the differences between servo system and step system?
Performance comparison between AC servo motor and stepper motor:
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Why does the servo drive backtransmit when it stops?
If the analog quantity used, because you give the analog quantity module value zero in the PLC, but the output is not zero *, there will be a low speed instruction for the servo drive, you can control the zero speed clamp of the drive, you can input this signal to stop, the servo will stop, or you can disconnect the enable. It depends on your mechanical part.
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