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Compared with new energy automobile motor core production enterprises

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Raw Material advantage

        Combined with years of raw material procurement experience, and upstream supporting manufacturers to establish a close strategic partnership, can adjust the supply of raw materials due to market changes, including specifications, performance and other aspects of change.

Productivity advantage

        At present, Guchuan Technology has purchased 550 tons of new high-speed stamping production line, from 45T-550T punch press. The annual capacity will be greatly expanded in 2020, and the production can be increased at any time due to the increase of orders.

Geographical advantage and customer group advantage

        Guangdong as a hub for the new energy automobile motor supporting enterprises, local government strongly support the extension and development of new energy industry chain, at present has set up a new energy automobile industrial park in huizhou, guangdong province, to introduce new energy in new industries such as cars, including the expedition technology customers long-term cooperation and the land and ocean motor company has been clear in factories.

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