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Guchuan Science and technology quality control advantage

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         Quality determines destiny! In order to meet customers' demands for higher and higher product quality control and systematic management, Guchuan Technology successively follows the following rules: IATF:16949:2016; The requirements of the standard establish the quality management system. Not only stable product quality, excellent product performance.

        Under the advantages of low-pressure casting technology and advanced custom equipment, combined with reasonable material composition analysis, strictly in accordance with the quality management system control, to ensure the qualified rate of products. After T6 treatment, the product has the advantage of high overall structural strength. The spiral water cooling shell structure cooling system has been running in the motor of new energy vehicles for a long time with good cooling effect, and its service life directly determines the service life of the motor and other products of new energy vehicles to a certain extent. Therefore, the downstream industry attaches great importance to the index of service life of high-performance spiral watercourse shell. The related products of Guchuan Science and Technology fully meet the quality demand of customers, and the products reach the international leading level.


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